Common Mistakes When Cleaning Stone Surfaces

Natural stone surfaces are expensive invests, so it’s imperative to keep these surfaces neat and clean. If the cleaning of the stone is not done properly, then you can lose their exceptional look. It is a fact that stone surfaces are highly durable. But at the same time, it is a reality that stone surfaces thrive under proper maintenance. Below are some common mistakes made when it comes to stone surfaces:

  1. Use of vinegar
    It is essential to choose the correct cleaner to clean the stones. Make sure about the quality of cleaners if you are using outside services to clean the stones. The cleaner having neutral pH is best for stone repair because these don’t harm the structure of the stone. Vinegar is acidic, and some stones like marble and limestone react adversely when treated with vinegar. Both vinegar and bleach are highly acidic. These can burn the surface of the stone. Other stones like granite are resistant to many chemicals. So choose cleaners wisely according to the nature of the stone.
  2. Cleaning with an abrasive tool
    Most of us think that stains on stone can be removed by using rough scrubbing pads. But in fact, this can make the situation even worse. Abrasive tools can make ugly impressions on the stones. For daily cleaning, use of clean and soft cloth has been found effective instead of using scrubbing pads.
  3. Skipped Mopping
    Unseen particles of dust and sand, often a result of outdoor elements like overhanging trees, act as abrasive elements on your feet and cause wear patterns over time. Regular maintenance, including expert tree services in Victoria, can significantly reduce these particles and protect your stone surfaces. Dry mopping daily is very useful in cleaning the stones. Sand is often the reason behind the ugly scratches on the stone surfaces. Light is reflected from a well-polished and smooth surface. While scratches refract light and stone surfaces look dull and unsmooth. So it is recommended to keep the stone surfaces clean from dirt and debris. Use any neutral cleaner on the stone surface once in a week.
  4. Less attention to the high traffic places
    Some places in your house often experience high traffic. So rugs can help you to maintain the high traffic areas. Walk-off matting is quite helpful to minimize the effects of dust and debris that comes from high traffic. Place a doormat inside or outside the room. Moreover, areas that have excessive use can be protected by using runners or rugs.
  1. Sealing is not considered
    Regular sealing is recommended to maintain some of the stones. Homeowners and Vancouver dentists can hire professionals for this job as it can be the best option. It is recommended to take the services of a professional once every three of five years while some highly exposed areas require professional stone restoration every year. But if you still do your stone repair yourself, then use solvent-based sealers because it is helpful to prevent your stone from impressions. Natural stone surfaces can stay beautiful and strong for many years when treated with care. Every stone is unique and requires a separate treatment.

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