Bathtub Repair
& Refinishing

Repair damaged bathtubs rather than replace them. DIY bathtub repairs don’t produce the pristine results Deficiency Group does.

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Our Promise To Our Clients

To provide a straightforward and honest approach to requests. We inform the client if the job can be done or not. We don’t give false promises. Our staff members are certified, trained, insured (WCB) and experienced. We also only use high quality and certified materials at all times.

About Bathtub Repair
& Refinishing

Bathtubs get damaged. Although they are normally used for bathing and showering people, someone may have used your bathtub as a storage area or washed something bulky and awkward in the tub. A damaged bathtub needs careful attention to fix chips, scratches, cracks, and stains.

There is nothing worse than bathtub repairs gone wrong. A DIY bathtub repair kit often isn’t good enough to bring a damaged bathtub back to its original condition. The Deficiency Group team has restored hundreds of bathtubs. By restoring instead of replacing bathtubs, we have helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of work hours, all with minimal downtime for the bathtub users.

We work with fibreglass or porcelain bathtubs, as well as with enamel and acrylic bathtubs. We even work with stone resin or marble bathtubs. Each material requires expert tools and knowledge to make your bathtub look new again. We ensure the restored bathtub has no bubbles, low sheen areas, or sticky finishes. The Deficiency Group bathtub restoration experts regularly deal with rusted, chipped, gauged, and scratched bathtubs, all while paying special attention to colour matching, caulking, and surrounding tile and plumbing fixtures.

Our teams have extensive experience entering tenanted residences to address deficiencies, offering quality, courteous and skilled service that leaves new homeowners happy.

Homeowner Issues / Common Bathtub Damage

  • Scratched, streaked, faded and stained bathtubs
  • Bathtubs with rust and corrosion
  • Imperfections in bathtub shine and finish
  • Bathtubs with caulking imperfections
  • Chipped and cracked bathtubs

Our Process

01 - Introduction

We will listen carefully to the customer’s problem, understand all the details during our dialogue with them. The key factor for us is identifying whether or not the problem is fixable. We can also show a demo of fixing one the deficiencies to show our proficiency.

02 - Expectations

Deficiency group meets with their quality assurance manager and discuss the deficiency at hand. This is done to get an idea of how big the deficiency is and get an estimate of the duration and cost. - Free of charge.

03 - Game plan

We send the detailed quote over email containing all the information about the deficiency, the implications, an estimate of the time required and the cost.

04 - Deficiency Relief

After the client decides to go ahead, we will come to the site and begin our work. Fix the deficiency and look for other deficiencies which might already exist and provide a detailed description if anything is found.

05 - Reporting

We offer digital reports on every repair that we work on. Daily weekly or monthly reports are available.

Why Should You Work With Us?

People Like Us

  • Our experience with Deficiency Group has been fantastic. The Deficiency Group’s team are top notch professionals who do what they say they will do, regardless of the challenges faced.
    Ryan Siemens - Project Manager
    PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.
  • Deficiency Group was recommended to me by one of our trades. We brought them onboard for a big rush job, and it quickly became clear that they were capable of a great deal, so I freely, and confidently gave them more tasks. Our client was very happy with the outcome, and since then we've brought Deficiency Group back several times for a whole range of surface repairs, and they've done an excellent job every time. High-quality, prompt, professional, efficient, and friendly.
    Sam Mansour
    Executive Group Development
  • Very reliable, Great repair work on hard surfaces such as tile, granite and bath tubs- very efficient and cost effective – highly recommend the Deficiencies Group
    Dean Mandzuk - Customer Care Manager
    Mondiale Development LTD By Pinnacle
  • As a Deficiency and their team make my job a lot easier. I recommend their services to anyone, especially for quality, detailed surface repairs
    Kevin Barrett - Deficiency and Service Manager
    Performance Construction

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1. What deficiencies do you cover?
Almost anything on your deficiency list! Yes, it’s a massive list in your hands, but our teams have a massive list of skills and experience. Because we do so many types of deficiency repair, we are confident in calling ourselves your one-call deficiency experts. Go ahead. Give us your punch list. See how much can get done with one call.
2. Why should I used Deficiency Group and not have each trade address their own deficiencies?
Managing many different trades is incredibly time consuming. Between phone calls, making sure they show up, getting the work done in a timely manner, and ensuring the work is done right, having trades do deficiency work can really delay project completion. Also, don’t waste your time calling back trades who didn’t do it right the first time. Deficiency Group gets it done right, quickly, and with all the items on your punch list.
3. What are your teams like? Our building is already tenanted, so we need people who are professional and courteous.
Our teams know how important it is to be clear and courteous with homeowners and tenants. Our work reflects on your company as well as ours, so from clean clothing and friendly smiles, to professional behaviour and quality workmanship, our teams leave homeowners happy to have us in their homes.
4. How do I know you’ll do a good job?
We make sure deficiencies are fully addressed and ready for use. We make clear what can and can’t be restored, so you know exactly what to expect. We don’t give false promises. Then, our teams use their training and years of experience to get the job done. If we say we can restore it, we get it done right.
5. Can you handle large projects?
We work on all sized projects, but we specialize in large construction projects with hundreds of units. High rises and multi-story parking garages, you name it. Our teams have done it and are able to take on your building.
6. Can you really get scratches out of glass?
With our patented scratch removal process, we get scratches out of glass and leave it crystal clear. You can quickly have clear distortion-free glass on your windows, doors, furniture and facades.
7. Do you work directly for homeowners with damage that needs repair?
While the majority of our work is with construction companies, we certainly attend to repair and restoration work for individual homeowners. Damaged bathtubs and appliances, along with scratched glass and flooring, we can restore a wide range of home damage.
8. How do I get a quote?
Give us a call. We can be onsite within a day to assess your deficiency list and let you know what we can do.

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