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Our Promise To Our Clients

The costs to replace damaged building materials can add up quickly on any project—but what if you could repair them instead? We are a one-stop-shop contractor that specializes in cost-saving solutions that allow you to salvage your expensive materials and get your job done right. You only need to make one call. In every case, we do an initial assessment and consultation before our highly skilled crew provides expert repairs based on each project’s specific requirements. With a reputation for quality work and open communication, our clients continue to request our services project after project.

Interior Services

Our team of highly skilled technicians are
trained in all areas of interior restoration work.

Mullion restoration

Restore damaged mullions so they don’t draw attention away from the purpose of the window – the view!

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Stone restoration

The elegance is lost when natural stone gets damaged. Restore stonework with Deficiency Group – restoration experts.

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Bathtub restoration

Repair damaged bathtubs rather than replace them. DIY bathtub repairs don’t produce the pristine results Deficiency Group does.

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Wood restoration

Let’s face it. Doors are one of the most-used parts of a building, but damaged doors don’t make for happy homeowners.

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Cabinet restoration

At the core of any important work or living space is functional storage. Don’t suffer because of damaged cabinets.

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Stainless Steel restoration

Getting it wrong can make stainless steel damage even worse. Deficiency Group skillfully repairs and refinishes stainless steel.

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Glass Scratch Removal

Our patented solution removes scratches from glass of all types. Enjoy glass that is strong, clear, and distortion free.

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Firestop keeps your building and people safe. Our firestop work saves lives and buildings by maintaining fire-resistance rating.

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Appliance Restorations

We can refinish and restore appliances damaged by bumps, bangs, scrapes, and other impact or abrasion.

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Countertop Repair

Whether laminate, quartz, granite or Corian, we restore countertops so they are free from the evidence of little (and not-so-little) oops.

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Floor Restoration

Beaten by 1000s of feet daily, restore your floors to look like they’ve never been walked on.

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Exterior Services

Our team of highly skilled technicians are
trained in all areas of exterior restoration work.

Grout replacement

We restore damaged exterior grout professionally and provide waterproofing services to protect your building and surrounds.

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Mullion restoration

Exterior mullions are easily damaged, and Deficiency Group easily restores mullions at ground level and above ground.

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Swing Stage Certified

Safe. Trained. Certified. Secure. We take care of the dangerous job while keeping your building and people safe.

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Parking Garage Restoration

When your parking garage is ready for a facelift, Deficiency Group’s restoration work addresses all surface damage issues.

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Crack Repairs

Are cracks spoiling your brand new building’s exterior? We repair cracks with expert tools, materials, and technicians.

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Caulking Restoration

The caulking between a lot of spaces on buildings gets damaged and worn. With skilled teams and quality materials, we restore caulking to full function.

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Door Restoration

Exterior doors don’t always look and work as they should. We restore exterior doors along with many other building deficiencies.

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Stone Restoration

Damage doesn’t have to be set in stone. Deficiency Groups expert teams restore damaged brick, stone and concrete structures.

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Concrete Work

A valuable and universal building site resource, concrete can easily get damaged but can also easily be repaired.

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Our trade supervisors manage the trades coming and going from your project, so your site super can focus on project completion.

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People Like Us

  • Bobbie H. - Business Owner
    Our company has been using Deficiency's temporary onsite trades managers during the process of many renovations and upgrades. We're able to have Richmond rodent control, plumbers, drywallers and painting teams on-site and everything is taken care of. We have had the best experience with James and his team. It has been a pleasure to deal with them on the phone, at their office and with their on-site staff. Their professionalism is greatly appreciated!
    Bobbie H. - Business Owner
  • Julie S. - Business Owner
    Deficiency Group helped us fix the countertops at our Coquitlam rodent control company recently. I found James and his quoting process to be very professional and thorough. The price was competitive. His crew was very friendly, punctual, and did a great job! I'd highly recommend them for your countertop repair needs.
    Julie S. - Business Owner
  • Rob P. - Business Owner
    James and his team provided us with truly exceptional painting services. They painted the entire interior of our toilet rental business. The crew was very professional, friendly and very detail-oriented. They truly care about the work they do and each day they cleaned up after themselves. We could not have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend Deficiency Group for all your needs!
    Rob P. - Business Owner
  • Gerald A. - Business Owner
    Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to deal with. Excellent communicators in general. Came when they said they would. Respected our and our neighbours’ property by cleaning up well, not leaving equipment everywhere, and not damaging plants at the same time we had roofers from Maple Ridge repairing the roof of our business. Amazing!! I was quite impressed and would hire them again.
    Gerald A. - Business Owner
  • Hardeep G. - Business Owner
    I needed the interior of our Coquitlam roofing company painted and James came by the office to provide me with a quote to do the job. I loved that the owner took the time to meet with me. His team was fantastic too and worked tirelessly to complete the huge job up to my standards. They were such a great group of people - we got to know them over the time they were painting. A final check was done with James and then we were done! Easy, stress-free, phenomenal customer service and extremely professional. I'd hire Deficiency Group again in a heartbeat.
    Hardeep G. - Business Owner
  • Matthew M. - Business Owner
    Deficiency Group was an absolute pleasure to work with. James provided detailed, accurate quotes that they stood by. He answered any questions I had, which gave us the chance to make some changes. He was so flexible with us and went above and beyond to help us meet the deadline we were trying to reach. We used him for several large indoor projects for our Coquitlam pest control company, and look forward to using Deficiency Group again in the future.
    Matthew M. - Business Owner
  • Our experience with Deficiency Group has been fantastic. The Deficiency Group’s team are top notch professionals who do what they say they will do, regardless of the challenges faced.
    Ryan Siemens - Project Manager
    PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.
  • Deficiency Group was recommended to me by one of our trades. We brought them onboard for a big rush job, and it quickly became clear that they were capable of a great deal, so I freely, and confidently gave them more tasks. Our client was very happy with the outcome, and since then we've brought Deficiency Group back several times for a whole range of surface repairs, and they've done an excellent job every time. High-quality, prompt, professional, efficient, and friendly.
    Sam Mansour
    Executive Group Development
  • Very reliable, Great repair work on hard surfaces such as tile, granite and bath tubs- very efficient and cost effective – highly recommend the Deficiencies Group
    Dean Mandzuk - Customer Care Manager
    Mondiale Development LTD By Pinnacle
  • The Deficiency Group and their team make my job a lot easier. I recommend their services to anyone, especially for quality, detailed surface repairs
    Kevin Barrett - Deficiency and Service Manager
    Performance Construction

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Why Should You Work With Us?

Our Process

01 - Introduction

We will listen carefully to the customer’s problem, understand all the details during our dialogue with them. The key factor for us is identifying whether or not the problem is fixable. We can also show a demo of fixing one the deficiencies to show our proficiency.

02 - Expectations

Deficiency group meets with their quality assurance manager and discuss the deficiency at hand. This is done to get an idea of how big the deficiency is and get an estimate of the duration and cost. - Free of charge.

03 - Game plan

We send the detailed quote over email containing all the information about the deficiency, the implications, an estimate of the time required and the cost.

04 - Deficiency Relief

After the client decides to go ahead, we will come to the site and begin our work. Fix the deficiency and look for other deficiencies which might already exist and provide a detailed description if anything is found.

05 - Reporting

We offer digital reports on every repair that we work on. Daily weekly or monthly reports are available.

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